Why demand of escorts in Lahore is more as compared to other big cities of Pakistan?

The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad, still Lahore is considered as a more vital city of Pakistan. Now lets jump to our main question that why demand of escorts and escort service is more in Lahore as compared to other cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Sialkot etc. There are several reasons lets discuss the main reasons. First of all people in Lahore are very hard workers, they spend most of their time in business and their life is very hectic, and they require relaxation. Pakistan is an Islamic country so pubs, discos, bars, brothels are not legal in this country. But one can easily find lot of advertisements of escorts on the internet. Hard worker men and guys of Lahore keep on finding escort agencies to quench their sexual thirst. You know what guys of Lahore are sexually more active and hot as compared to the guys of other cities and so are the girls. Guys of Lahore are very bold, more bold than the girls. Girls of Lahore are very gorgeous and sexy as compared to girls of other cities. People from around the word says that girls of Lahore are far more pretty as compared to the girls of other cities. A city which have hot lusty guys and sexy cute gorgeous females will obviously have more stats of escort searches. Lets talk about Karachi and Islamabad. Girls in Karachi are hot but they are not that much pretty. Most of the girls in Karachi have tan complexion and people in Pakistan like girls with stunning looks and very fair complexions. Plus they need girls to be tall and having nice body figures. Furthermore they need girls with nice hand and feet. Talk do matter, so girls of Lahore have very nice talk and if ever had chance to do dirty talk with them a Lahori girl can make you cum just using dirty and sexy talk. There is another technical reason why demand of escort girls is more in Lahore city. Lahore men eat a lot specially in winter season they eat lot of food that is rich Omega 3, so it enhances their testosterone levels. Due to these high T-levels they are always looking for a girl to put their dicks in her tight pussy. Here I would like to add one more thing. Islamabad escorts do have fair complexion and hot figures, big boobs, erotic thighs, even then they are dead fish. They are not good in bed and they don’t know how to do sexy talk. Plus Escorts in Islamabad do not keep their selves clean and they are not good in bed. There is another factor why Lahore escorts are more in demand all over Pakistan. Lahore girls know how to dress. They are aware that what type of lingerie guys like. They know that guys love female feet so Lahori babes keep their feet clean. These days many teenage girls in Lahore city have started keeping pubic hair as a fashion. Very few people know that men these days love girls with pubes. A guy always love to rub the thick bush of a female escort during sex. College girls of Lahore who work as part time escorts love to give all the pleasures a guy need. They can even take two cocks at the same time. One in Anal and other in their vagina. Desi girls of Lahore are trained to do BDSM and give FemDom sessions. Escort agencies of Lahore are more bold that other escort agencies. They provide girls who can do fully naked dance and mujras in public gatherings and are ready for public gang-bangs. They even love to travel fully naked on long drives. They enjoy when guys use sex toys on them. If you are looking for Pakistani lesbians then you will find a lot in city of Lahore. 80 to 90 percent escorts in Lahore city are natural lesbians and they can even do lesbian acts in Lahore public gathering. One thing I forgot to mention that call girls of Lahore are expensive as compared to hookers of other cities in Pakistan. They charge more because they are sexy bitches and will never say to any of the client’s sexual demand. Let me narrate a saucy story that a client told me about a Lahore escort. He hired a college girl from an escort agency in Lahore and took that girl to Hotel Avari Lahore. That girl gave him the best enjoyment in golden showers and even she was ready to wet herself in public. Listen guys and girls hotels in Lahore are more safe for sex and enjoyment as compared to other cities hotels. Best hotels to stay in Lahore are: Nishat Hotel gulberg Lahore, PC hotel Mall road Lahore, Hotel One gulberg Lahore, Hotel Avari Lahore and few others. School girls of Lahore and young teens can bear more sexual pain than any other female. Young school babes of this city will take even the thickest dildo in her ass and vagina and will not cry. So guys if you have money and you really need to enjoy escort services then do try Lahore escorts.