Escorts are the ladies who dedicate their time to make you pleased, satisfying your needs and accompany you entirely. But do you know what kind of escort services girls / hookers offers? If you are new then this post can significantly help you in searching a suitable lady for you.

To serve clients there are various sources where escorts can be booked. Basically, an independent escort who is an individual with No Middle person is known as independent escort.

And with a Middle man between you and an escort is called as escort agency. But how both can be differentiated. Escort agency comes in picture when you need more discretion.

Because escort agencies has already build up a strong relationships with their clients, you can get reliable and more secured escort services. While on the other hand independent escorts runs their services independently and sometimes may not be as loyal as you expect them.

Independent escorts can sometimes be available at cheapest rates, because of the direct pay to girl service. On the other hand escort agencies arrangements for a girl to you cost you little more extra.

Escort agency can assure you satisfaction in sex pleasure because they know they have to deliver the best at any cost. And when independent girls are concerned, they makes no more difference to their clients. However, their clientage as their own lovers makes full time recreation because they already knows the girls and her company.

Getting accompanied with an independent escort sometimes gives you perks such as extra hours , if you loves the girl and request her to spend some more time, she may or may not allow you depending upon her routines.

But escort agency allow you any length of time to be spent with their associated girls. These girls reports their managers and keep them updated with every requests made by clients and thus clients get billed for extra services.

The major difference is the authenticity that you get from an agency and up to independent escorts which you knows very well.

Fortunately, nowadays independent escorts and agencies both have their own escort websites and offer to check the real, genuine, images and a very frank biography to represent their services.