Why Rich Men In Islamabad Prefer Call Girls And Escorts For Sex Rather Than Their Girlfriends?


Islamabad Call Girls and Islamabad Escorts

Inquire any man if he has ever been out with an ordinary escort or fashion model escorts in Islamabad and the answer you will get would be the same as asking your goldfish if it needs a bike: an utter silence and a blank stare. The men will offhandedly change the subject or even eventually deny it. Only a very naive person would assume that most men have never called an escort services for one of their babes. Otherwise, how would a place like Islamabad City be in business for such a long time, and with such achievements in offering client with gorgeous girls for different escort services? Yeah, now that is food or vagina for thought.


So what is all the hype about Dating in Islamabad? Why do rich men in Islamabad resist on seeking the call girls and escorts services over the telephone or through the Web for sex rather than find themselves long-term girlfriends that might be worth the money spent? Well, there are numerous reasons, and all of them are not repulsive ones either.


Who likes Costly Girlfriends?

Rich men who prefer Islamabad escorts and call girls for sex are not all repulsive individuals with the morals of Charlie Sheen. Some wealthy men are pretty hot-looking and would not have a tough time getting dates with any escort girls they desire in Islamabad.


But many well-heeled men who dating in Islamabad do so because they do not have time to do the courting that are necessary when trying to come across a date or even keep up a relationship for that matter. For example, travelling entrepreneurs usually do not have the time to get a date and so they go for female escorts because these Islamabad escort girls are the best down to earth escorts in Islamabad that can fulfill all your heart desires in no time.


So Why not get Islamabad escorts or call girls? In fact, he can have her personalised to his preference, and there is no clumsiness about sex and the like because hey, if the price is right, then the night is his night.


Many of these well-paid escort girls in Islamabad offer lovely depiction and look great on a rich man’s arm. And the impression is known beforehand rather than debating if he is going to go in for a kiss and risk rejection. It is straightforward and understood right from the beginning.



Beast and the Beauty


Sometimes some men are not able to close the dating in Islamabad deal because they lack an excellent personality. These men are moderately attractive and have almost everything most men would want — but the truth is, their character is so abrasive and ingenious that they resist nearly all ladies especially ladies with depth anyway.


And then there are those men who have groovy depth but do not possess the physical attributes. Therefore, because these men are overwhelmed by their conditions while having a hard time getting conversations started with gorgeous fashion model escorts or ordinary escort girls in Islamabad, they opt to pay for attractiveness as a substitute.



Is The Outcome Always Sex?


The ending is not always sex. In fact, sometimes these wealthy men are seeking some company and do not want a good roll in the hay. Being in the presence of Islamabad escorts or call girls, even if they are paid to be there, sometimes makes men feel worthy and pleased.


On top of that, not all Islamabad escorts or call girls do exist to furnish every client’s sexual needs — at least that is what they say. However, if the price is right, and nearly every escort or call girls in Islamabad has a price; probably they will be ready to break such a rule, only this one time of course.


But not every rich man calls upon Islamabad escorts or call girls for an assured sex companion at the end of the night. Some wealthy men need a date because they want to look good in front of their associates.


Besides that, most divorced rich men prefer Islamabad escorts or call girls because there is no possibility of emotional blackmail, pricey divorce, or attachment or worse yet, the utilisation of sex as a means of terrible punishment.


Reasonably, how many well-off men will pay a given amount for an attractive escort or call girl and not want to get her nude in a straight position come the night ends? And that brings me to my next reason for why certain rich men chose to make their dating list consist of 800 numbers discovered in the backs of gentlemen’s magazines.



I Would Never Make This Happen


I get a lot of email messages from wealthy men who are annoyed because their girlfriends refuse to provide certain sexual favours for them, and these are men who have girlfriends by their side. Now take into consideration the fact that some men do not like dealing with gals who find fellatio horrendous, or think that anal sex is only for homosexuals, they go for Islamabad escorts who will come over and do correctly as they say.


Which rich men in Islamabad would not want to tell his girlfriend to remove all her clothes, get on all fours on the bed, and seductively ask him to come and penetrate her? Being in a position to direct these women and make them perform sometimes great sexual favours is also part of the fantastic thing about the whole thing.


It is hard enough for rich men in Islamabad to get a date these days, let alone assure a night of gratifying sex, so they choose to delve into the “barter dating system.” Now undoubtedly, if a rich man’s attached, what he needs to do is get home to his girlfriend and try to converse what he wants from the relationship rather than unzip his pants for a good looking stranger to greet his penis. But if he has no family obligations or girlfriend waiting at home, then probably this is not such a nasty option for lonely or busy rich men.


So as long as they use enough protection and there are two or three consenting adults involved, then call girls in Islamabad might seem like the only way for some luxurious men to get it up, get it on, and get it off.



No Denunciation


Of course, the vantage point here is that wealthy men in Islamabad that prefer to set themselves up with call girls, or escorts are not repulsive men, but preferably they are men that need to be with someone at a given time without the headaches of having to deal with the dating game.


Then again, some men like to make sure that if they are paying for dinner, then their Islamabad escorts of the evening is going to offer dessert. What these rich men do not know is that by not taking the time to come across call girls in Islamabad who will love them for more than a $150 to $4000 an hour, they will eventually end up in a sad place with no one to look after or care for them.