Hot news about Pakistani Escorts and Pakistani Call girls…

It was a hot evening of June and the HR Manager of our escort agencyPakistani Escort Services got a call from this girl Mehwish that she wants to join us as a female escort. I am jotting bits of the conversation that went between the HRM (The person who recruits female escorts and call girls in our company) and this sizzling gorgeous lady who wanted to be the team member of Pakistan escort services.

“ I am studying in a local girls college in Lahore so Imm a young cute college girl and as being a college girl its hard for me to work as a female escort in the morning time. I am available for providing escort services between 4:00 pm till 2:00AM and after that I have to be at home. I belong to a fit-family-background but being with wealthy guys is my passion. I love to be with financially fit guys; looks doesn’t matter”

When our HRM guy inquired her that if she belongs to a stable family then why she needs to be the part of our escort agency then this is what she told us.

“I love shopping and lots and lots of shopping and I am into top brands like Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Versace etc etc….all well expensive and unreachable even by a rich college girl so to have access to all these expensive items I want to earn good amounts, whatever it takes”

Just for the sake of awareness of girls who want to join our escort agency as call girls, we want to tell them that when an escort will be going to our clients in branded clothes, high heels etc this will leave a very strong impact on our escort agency. Most of the escort agencies in Pakistan do have cute girls but; the girls don’t care about their dressing and etc. Poor or cheap dressing can bring down the looks of a gorgeous girl and vice-versa. If a girl is working as an Independent Pakistani Escort then that’s another thing but if she is related to a Pakistani Escort agency then she should be well aware about her attire or in simple words her dressing code should be up to the mark….not over dressed and no shabby dressing. A nice pair of Louis Vuitton high heels, Dolce & Gabbana clothings, Prada bag and Dior perfume; this dressing gear can make a girl with simple looks, look like a top super model or an international female escort.

Next she told her about her hobbies.

“I love to watch movies and these days I am watching those movies which can guide a girl to keep a male in a virtual-heaven. When I am with a guy or gentleman as an escort I should brush my instincts in such a way that I can easily predict what he wants from me, I should be well aware about his body parts and his intimate needs and to give him a proper girl friend type of experience. Her favourite ”

She further told us that what Pakistani Escorts or a Pakistani Female Companion lack when they are in company of a male

–        Not providing a proper girl friend experience

–        Unable to provide that satisfaction what a male needs and what he had paid for

–        Not dressed in accord the requirements of the clients

–        Not dressed in the proper lingerie

–        Normal or Low quality makeup

–        Normal or Low quality dressing

–        Bad habits like smoking, drinking, hash etc.

–        Too much revealing clothes; most gentlemen who comes from the west like their female partner to be dressed in cultural attire.

To keep our blog readers fresh and relaxed, we are placing a portion of chat that went between one of our escorts and a renowned Indian celebrity who was on her visit to UK for her Indian film shoot.
The discussion went between Miss Rija and Kangna Ranaut, some of the edited details are listed below:
There are lot of questions buzzing in the mind of most of the Pakistani college girls and local fashion models and the ramp models who are interested to join Pakistani Escort agencies and even the newly joined female escorts; WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN I AM WITH A CLIENT AS AN ESCORT FOR HIM???
How the client will handle me?
Will the client properly take care of me?
Will he treat me as just as a ‘fun-toy’ or ill receive a boy-friend type of experience from him?
Will the escort agency pay me what I was promised for? (most of the girls think that local meaning Pakistani escort agencies pay less than the promised amount)
Can I fulfill his desires and his dreams during companionship?
We are pleased to inform and surprise our readers that the questions stated above were quite wisely answered by an Indian actress Kangna Ranaut, yes our dear readers Kangna Ranaut the top Bollywood actress of blockbuster Indian movie Krrish 3. Kangna is also a friend of Rija, a long discussion was going between them and part of it is written over here for our blog readers. Rija is currently working for us in Liverpool – UK. We are inter-related to 2 leading escort agencies in Liverpool Uk.
Kangna Ranaut used to be an escort too in her starting days and she said that getting a good client mostly depends upon the luck of the girl, but not always sometimes a very gorgeous escort can have a very boring client and on the other hand a normal looking escort could be fortunate enough to entertain a real-sober-gentleman. Kangna gave us a bottom line and that was that it’s not that what type of client you will be with but it depends a lot of the behavior and personality of the escort. It’s not necessary that a cute mute girl will be having a magnetic personality too; personality and charisma are not related to looks and beauty and gorgeousness. Last but not the least the girl should have the power of observation and a calm heart to understand the demands of the client; yes this is something God gifted. One thing that is common in most of the female escorts working in Pakistan is the arrogance factor – due to this she will be mostly saying I won’t do this and I won’t do that even the client will be trying his level best to keep the atmosphere pleasant. On the other hand the Indian escorts usually are quite submissive they love the men who are dominant; Indian girls and female escorts have a very small list of dos and donts and this make them a perfect fit for most of the clients and most of the situations.

Even the top UK based female escorts who charge 500£ an hour may not be able to satisfy a client the reason is that they get too much over confident that their personality just bounce backs the feeling and requests of the client. Most of them are physically present in the room but mentally they are somewhere else; in the end what happens is that the client gets bored or the client is partially satisfied or not satisfied at all and he send a hard negative feedback to the escort service provider. Now that’s the reason why the escort agency loses some good clients and the escort in question distorts her working image too.